General View

Metalworking and metal manufacturing industries are one of the oldest professions in Turkey. Metallic mines are found in different regions of Turkey. Iron ore, copper mines, Bauxite and Chrome mines in operation, these metallic mines become metals in metallurgical plants. Copper, aluminium, chrome produced from ore in Turkey. Turkey is an important exporter of chrome ore.

Turkish steel industry is the 8th largest in world, 2 in Europe. And has a capacity of 50 million tons/year of crude steel. Turkish steel plants with, 3 Integrated mills with Blast furnaces, 25 electric arc and 7 induction melting mills, produce 34 million tons of steels in 2019.

Investments that add value to steel are constantly increasing, modern with high efficiency, long, rod, wire and flat and rolled steel mills and the quality and value of production is increasing with continuing investments. Production and value-added investments are continuing in the field of thin, flat steel sheet metal and qualified steel products are produced with steel services according to industry demand. Production of galvanized sheet steel, thin profiles and pipes, structural steels continue to grow in the field.

Casting and forging, the oldest method of shaping metals, have a history of 7000 years on Turkish land. The Turkish foundry sector is 11th in the world and 3 in Europe. Turkish foundries are the largest casting exporter in Europe. They exports to many industrial countries of the world to produce a wide range of quality, sizes and quantities to the main industry sectors such as machinery, construction, transportation, defence, mining, including iron and nodular, malleable foundries, to the global automotive sector. Turkey is an important supply country for casting buyers and casting intensive industries.

As the second largest producer in Europe, the Turkish steel casting sector has become the strategic producer of the main industries such as mining and soil machinery, cement, general machinery, pumps and valves,  transportation, defence, aviation, iron and steel, energy, and raw to the machined finished steel castings and exports to the whole world, including the Americas.

Metal forging companies serves to the needs of industries by shaping metals with modern investments. The growing production capacity of the Turkish forgeries has become an important supplier for European main industries with strengthened competitiveness. In addition to processes of steel forging, copper forging, aluminium forging processes, the valued forged metal sector is add processes like heat treatment, mechanical and chemical surface operations and machining to forged metals.

In the field of Heat treatment and thermal processes, which is an important area of metallurgy, the heat treatments of steels and mould, tool steels, especially steel foundries in Turkey, is carried out in modern, technological facilities. The metal heat treatment process industry is developing with investments in technology, capacity and efficiency.

Refractory/insulation materials, which are important components of high temperature heat processes, are used in metallurgy industry. Insulation materials of various kind produced and used in all metallurgical plants from melting to heat treatments, melting furnaces, ovens, Quarries, pots, casting machines, vents.

Important part of the industry with its components such as pattern and mold technology, materials, processes, design, heat process, which is the basis of metal forming processes such as casting, pressure casting, forging, rolling, extrusion. While some facilities have their own mold making technology, many die makers also produce molds for Turkish and foreign companies. Mold, tool steels, mechanical operations, heat treatment operations, assembly, mold design, mold repair and maintenance is an important industry experience.

Aluminium is the most brilliant metal technology of recent and production technologies are developed to meet the developing consumption demands and are processed by extrusion, rolling, high pressure casting, low pressure casting, sand casting, forging methods. Turkish aluminium industry exports 2 million tons of long, flat and wire rods to all countries of the world. There are over 500 enterprises in Turkey in the field of high pressure casting with aluminium and zinc alloys, automobile body parts, for white goods, defence and aerospace industries, construction, furniture, railways and products used in many industry fields. Turkey is among the world’s leading countries in the production of aluminium alloy wheels rims.

Turkish casting machine foundry plants manufacturers increase the competition of new investments by increasing their efficiency and volume with high pressure casting machines, robots and automation components. Sand mixers, sieves, mould and core sand recycling facilities, resin mixers, moulding machines and molding lines, sand blasting and cleaning lines, sand facilities are on production.

Most of the raw materials and consumables for foundries, cast houses spread throughout Turkey are found from domestic producers. Silica molding sand, olivine sand, chromite sand, core sand, alfphaset, furan, CO2 resins, mold and core coatings, dyes, exothermal feeders, filters, ceramic gates, pot and furnace, crucibles linings are among the main inputs of the industry.

Alloy metaxies of the metallurgical industry, ferro silicon, ferro manganese, ferro silico manganese, ferro phosphor, ferro titanium, ferro niobium, ferro molybdenum, ferro boron, ferro tungsten, ferro vanadium, cobalt, tin, lead, silicon metal, magnesium, manganese, nickel are used in the forms demanded by the industry. Iron ore, metallurgical coal, graphite and hematite pig, nodular pig irons, steel pig are used.

Metallography techniques are used to determine the quality of material properties produced in metallurgy industries. For the determination of the structure, sample preparation devices, imaging devices, non-destructive and destructive inspection devices, tensile rupture devices, spectrometer devices and chemical tests are carried out.

Since metals can transform endless times, those who have completed their use are collected and reused with metallurgical processes. Metal recycling for efficient use of natural resources is one of the most positive and prominent areas of our times. Steel production, aluminium industry and foundries add value to the economy in the most efficient way by recycling metallic scraps.


ANKIROS – 15th International Iron-Steel and Casting Technologies, Machinery and Products Trade Fair will bring together the Global Metallurgy, Casting, Iron-Steel and Non-Ferrous Metals Sectors on 10-12 June 2021 at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center – Istanbul .

ANKIROS, which is one of the most respected metal fairs in the world, will meet under the roof as intense participation and visitors. In this important metallurgy fair, Turkish Iron-Steel industry companies, ANNOFER special section and Non-Ferrous sectors will exhibit the latest technology products, raw materials and services.

In TURKCAST respected Foundries from Turkey and the world, Injection Molding companies, Steel Forging and Turkish Casting Industry will share the innovations of the Turkish foundry industry with TUDOKSAD members at the 11th International Foundry Congress with participants, visitors and delegates.

ANKIROS will also host the 20th International Metallurgy and Materials Congress to be organized by METEM – TMMOB Chamber of Metallurgical Engineers Training Center. In this event, national and international companions, delegates of iron and steel, non-ferrous metals and casting industries will come together under the roof of Ankiros to contribute to the industry for three days.

The Turkish casting industry, which has a very important place in the casting world, has shown great interest in TURKCAST and has already filled the stands. This interest proves once again that TURKCAST is the window of the Turkish casting industry opening to the world. Thanks to the interest of the casting manufacturers, a new hall has been brought to the fair and responds to the demand rapidly.

Iron and Steel Casting Industries is a solution partner to sectors such as defense, automotive, machinery, iron and steel industry, mining, durable consumption, aviation, with four important branches consisting of ductile iron, cast iron, steel casting and temper casting.

Foundries have different production methods; It consists of metal smelting, core manufacturing, heat treatment, molding, grinding, sand manufacturing, cleaning and coating.