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Adres / Address: Kunstmuehlstraße 12, 83026 Rosenheim,Germany GERMANY
Stand No: H5-E130
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AF|3- 16.7. ANN-3- 16.7. Diğer metaller | Other metals
Weldstone is a member of the German based IBG-Group. Over the last 30 years, IBG and their 50 international affiliated companies have gained leading positions in the fields of welding, tungsten and ceramic components, as well as in the construction chemicals. Currently the group employs more than 2.000 people around the world.
Weldstone grew rapidly from a mid-size tungsten electrode production company to the market leader in TIG-electrodes and expanded the metal business scopes to other tungsten related markets such as tungsten heavy metal, tungsten copper and special tungsten alloys.
Today, Weldstone is one of the leading producers of tungsten products and serves the most demanding industries such as automotive, aerospace, measuring devices and others.
Weldstone is currently expanding its global customer service network. The Weldstone Group already has distribution locations in the USA, Europe and Asia and also provides great local customer service.