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Adres / Address: RHEINISCHE STRASSE 35-37 D-42781 HAAN GERMANY
Stand No: H3-A170
Product Categories:
ANK|1- 16.1.1. ANK-1- 16.1.1. Bilyalı dövme | Shot Peening
ANK|1- 16.1.2. ANK-1- 16.1.2. Kumlama | Blasting
ANK|1- 16.1.4. ANK-1- 16.1.4. Parlatma | Polishing
ANK|1- 16.2. ANK-1- 16.2. Kimyasal Yüzey İşlemleri | Chemical Surface Processes
ANK|2- 9.6. ANK-2- 9.6. Atık yönetimi, atık su temizlenmesi | Waste management and wastewater cleaning
Walther Trowal
is an internationally well reputed manufacturer of standard and special machines as well as system solutions in the field of surface finishing technology. From the beginnings in the field of mass finishing, continuous research and development resulted in a multitude of new applications: shot blast technology, process water technology, coating of small mass produced parts, cleaning and drying of work pieces. By automation and linking of individual components, the processing technology can be perfectly adapted to customer-specific requirements. Comprehensive services (test processing, repair and maintenance service etc.) complete the program.
Target group are the most different industries worldwide. Among others, a new field of application is the hygienically acceptable cleaning, drying and high gloss polishing of cutlery in large quantities. The Walther Trowal machines which are already in operation in renowned catering and event companies are considered to be efficie
Walther Trowal
1931 Yılında Almanya’da kurulmuştur.Firma vibrasyon yüzey işlem makinaları üretimi yapan en eski firmadır. Firma vibrasyon yüzey işleminde kullanılan plastik, seramik taş ve kimyasallarınında üretimini yapmaktadır.Walther Trowal firması genel üretim konuları :
Vibrasyon Yüzey işlem makinaları
Vibrasyon taşları ve yüzey işlem kimyasalları
Arıtma Cihazları
Rotomat (küçük parçaların boyanması)
THM (sürekli kumlama makinası)