Telefon / Phone: 39 040 375 5419
Faks / Fax: 39 040 375 5421
Adres / Address: PADRICIANO 99 – 34149 TRIESTE ITALY
Stand No: H9-E110
ergolines is a market leader company in stirring technology, providing customized EMSs for continuous casting machines to produce billets, blooms, rounds, BB and slabs.
Besides, the EMS family includes stirrers for electric furnaces, ladle furnaces, Al furnaces and non ferrous casters.
Alongside EMS, ergolines provides high efficient mould powder feeding systems for any kind of casting products also fitted with powder thickness detectors for the closed-loop control. Besides, ergolines’ product range includes a set of technological sensors for mould level and powder thickness detection as well as standard devices for the preventive maintenance of EMS, ladle slag carry-over, mould oscillating monitoring…
All ergolines products are designed to achieve the highest standard in molten metal quality and production efficiency.
The company export to over 50 countries, having excellent references worldwide.