Telefon / Phone: 45 44505050
Faks / Fax: 45 44945225
Adres / Address: HOJAGER 8, DK 2630, TAASTRUP DENMARK
Stand No: H2-C110
Product Categories:
ANK|1- 5. ANK-1- 5. Kalıplama ve maça malzemeleri | Moulding and core making materials
ANK|1- 6. ANK-1- 6. Kalıp malzeme hazırlama, kum yenileme | Moulding material preparation, sand reclamation
ANK|1- 6.4. ANK-1- 6.4. Otomatik Kalıplama makineleri | Automatic moulding machines
ANK|1- 7. ANK-1- 7. Döküm makineleri, ekipmanları | Casting, pouring Machines & Equipment
ANK|1- 10. ANK-1- 10. Isıl işlemler, Kurutma, Soğutma Tesisleri | Plants, Equipment for Heat prosses, Drying, Cooling
ANK|1- 12. ANK-1- 12. Model ve kalıp yapımı Teknolojileri Makinaları | Mould and Tool making machines
ANK|2- 3. ANK-2- 3. Demir üretimi için tesisler ve ekipmanlar | Plant and equipment for iron making
ANK|2- 4. ANK-2- 4. Çelik üretimi için tesisler ve ekipmanlar | Plant and equipment for steel making
AF|3- 11. ANN-3- 11. Elektrik mühendisliği, Proses kontrol, Bilgi işlem | Process Monitoring, Control, Computing
DISA develops and manufactures a complete range of metal casting and moulding equipment, services and production solutions for the ferrous and non-ferrous foundry industries. DISA Group has a long-standing tradition of innovation, reliability and commitment to providing its customers with end-to-end grey iron foundry equipment – both vertical and horizontal moulding. DISA has the broadest industry offer to support our customers with their current moulding process through our technical expertise, parts and services and guidance.